Real-time data for better decision making

The key is fresh and high quality data

Spend Analysis should be performed regularly and with fresh data. Otherwise, you risk using outdated information, leading to innacurate conclusions. InExchange gives you a real-time analysis, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

A large part of traditional spend analysis is inputting and editing data. With InExchange, you no longer need to devote time and resources to importing your data; it’s already in place via your invoice feed. Thanks to our controls, your billing information is of a very high quality and your data is thus systematized and categorized safely.

How much do your purchases cost?

The purpose of InExchange Purchase Analysis is for you to have complete control over your purchases, in order to help you find new savings.

• What are we buying and from where?
• How are we buying it?
• Who are our key suppliers?
• What does our contract loyalty look like?
• What savings can we make by implementing a controlled purchasing process?

Great overview

With accessible graphs, you can easily monitor your processes.


See what suppliers you buy from the most and compare this to the previous year.

What are you buying and where is your biggest spending?

See your purchases distributed according to different parts of the company.

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