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Letting your invoices go through InExchange Network saves time and money, all while allowing you to have full control.

InExchange Network is Northern Europe’s largest business network – filled with all types of business.  When you manage your invoices via the network you can reach all of your customers and suppliers, from the largest organizations in the world to one-man businesses.

Whether you are big or small, you receive the same benefits: less work and more savings. Plus, as an added bonus, you have complete control of your invoices via a dashboard unique to your business.


Minimize the time thieves

Perhaps you handle the invoicing on your own, or you have hired someone for that purpose?  Regardless, unnecessary administrative time steals too much of your time.  And time is expensive.  When you invoice through InExchange Network, all of the time spend printing, folding, and inserting invoices into envelopes is replaced by the simple click of a button.  Sending your invoices through ix network also gives you access to value-added services like Postage Optimization and Reminder & Debt collection.  Services that simplify and speed up your day-to-day operations – whether it is the time spent folding papers or chasing after late payers.

“I wouldn’t want to go back to handling it all on my own.”

– Lars Eskilsson | CEO of Interiör Gruppen Skåne AB

Postage optimization helps reduce your costs

With InExchange you don’t need to print, fold and insert invoices into envelopes.  We take care of the entire process for you – at the best price.  Our Postage Optimization further lowers your costs by matching your invoices against the network and finding all possible e-invoice recipients.  Every match that we make allows you to send the invoice for less than half of the cost of a paper invoice. 

Get paid on time

With reminders and debt collection you’ll get paid faster and strengthen the relationships with your clients.

Read more about reminders and debt collection

Receive invoices via InExchange Network

When you get started with one of our invoicing services we include access to our service for PDF-invoices so that you also can receive electronic invoices from your suppliers. You can find your incoming invoices on your account in InExchange Network under Received Invoices. You will receive a notification via the network and to your email whenever you receive invoices. 

“My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier!”

Anneli Svedenqvist, CFO at Slöjddetaljer

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