It should be easy to get paid on time

Many businesses lack a routine for keeping track of their unpaid invoices. With Reminders & Debt Collection, you can manage your late payments directly in your existing feed for sent invoices. You will receive an alert informing you which sent invoices are overdue and can either let the process take place automatically, or you can control it easily with the click of a button.

How it works

Your bank will send your payment files to InExchange so that they can be matched to your customer invoices.

You will receive notification via the network and via e-mail when your invoices are due or when reminders have not been paid.
You can choose whether you want cases to proceed automatically, or if you want to control them yourself.
You can have different terms for different customers, for example, you can set automatic reminders for one customer and manual reminders for another.
You can terminate an ongoing process at any time.

“Now we get paid faster, while our processing time has been cut by at least 75%”

Liz Wendel, Sharp in Skövde

Without inexchange vs. with InExchange

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