Great benefit from postage optimization


One of the reasons why Volkswagen Group Sverige (VGS) chose InExchange was because a lot of the dealers were already using InExchange for their outgoing invoices and a lot of them had VGS as the recipient.
“It has worked so well that we’ve had no reason to use any other operator. We’ve now linked the entire flow, both incoming and outgoing invoices, and everything has worked well”, says Björn Bergvall, who worked on the introduction of e-invoicing at VGS.

VGS uses an accounting system that supports e-invoicing but never had any interest in assuming responsibility for distribution. “Now, almost all of our outgoing invoices go via InExchange. We send off the invoices in a single format and they are then distributed automatically, either as e-invoices, PDF invoices, by e-mail or as paper invoices.”

A lot of time saved
Outgoing invoices were previously processed manually. VGS itself printed out approximately 50,000 each year. The invoices were folded and inserted in envelopes by hand in the office. Now, they’ve been able to cut down on manual processing.

“Time is a very important factor. We’ve saved a lot of working time by sending invoices electronically. Everything happens much faster and invoices can reach their recipient the same day, which has helped tremendously when closing the accounts.”

A growing market
The fact that the time is right for e-invoices has not escaped VGS’ attention.

“One of our tyre companies called the other day. They said they were using InExchange for other customers and were wondering whether we could also receive e-invoices. It was great that they were so forward-thinking. The market is becoming more aware.”

Receives good treatment
“It’s easy to deal with InExchange employees. The people I’ve had contact with have been a lot of fun. For example, I get on very well with Patrik and Möller”, says Björn Bergvall.

Volkswagen Group Sverige is the sole Swedish general dealer for Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, and Porsche cars. Along with authorized dealers and service partners, they market those brands and their products and services in Sweden.