Nice not having to do the manual work


Before InExchange, Svensk Växtmiljö sent everything by post. They have daily invoicing but they also carry out service invoicing every three months, with 800 letters each time.

“At those times I just sat there folding paper, putting it in envelopes and stamping. It took time!”, says Birgitta Widtfjäll, CFO.

The collaboration began when Svensk Växtmiljö’s customer Borås Stad wanted e-invoices instead of paper invoices. Before InExchange came into the picture, Birgitta had a different view of e-invoices.

“According to my previous experience, e-invoicing seemed complicated. I had previously looked at other e-invoice suppliers and it was all Greek to me! I was very doubtful about e-invoicing and thought it sounded expensive, complicated and awkward.

” Birgitta looked at a number of e-invoicing suppliers and chose InExchange. “You did not seem so complicated. You explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. The Invoice Printer is easy to understand and we were up and running quickly. Whenever I have any questions I just have to contact your support and they’re very friendly. We’re glad that we chose you.

” High level of demand on the market “A lot of our customers receive e-invoices via InExchange and there are more and more of them all the time”, continues Bridget.

“InExchange sends an e-mail whenever any of our customers want e-invoicing. We don’t need to keep track of those who want an e-invoice. If I want to add a new customer, I can also search the network on InExchange Web.

All my invoicing will go through InExchange in future. The Invoice Printer is a big help.

” Sustainable for the future E-invoicing is increasingly replacing paper invoices, something that Växtmiljö has clearly noticed.

“More and more companies are starting to issue e-invoices now. Many of them due to environmental awareness and the fact that it’s becoming cheaper. And also because you don’t have to sit and fold the paper yourself. The more people using e-invoicing, the better it will be for everyone! ”

Recommend InExchange
“The Invoice Printer is so easy to use. You just put your invoices in and press “Send”.I can also print a hard copy for accounts at the same time. I’m sure that a lot of people will use this service and I recommend that everyone should start using it now. My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier!”, says Birgitta.

Svensk Växtmiljö’s head office is in Borås. The company started up in 1982 and today manages almost 28,000 plant arrangements in private, municipal and State environments.