“InExchange made it much easier.”


When Slöjddetaljer started to issue e-invoices, they used a different operator than InExchange. With a large volume of outgoing invoices and a lot of customers in the public sector, the transition to e-invoices seemed natural. However, it took a long time to start up and the e-invoicing was slow.

“Things were very complicated with our previous operator. The service was slow and costs started to pile up”, says Annelie Svedenqvist, CFO at Slöjddetaljer.

The whole idea of ​​e-invoicing, besides the fact that it is environmentally friendly, is that it should be profitable. After looking around for a new solution, the company chose InExchange.

“With InExchange it was much easier. The difference was like night and day. Previously, it took us a year to connect 10 new e-invoicing customers, whereas with InExchange we went rapidly from 8% e-invoices to 50%.”

Sweden was first. Then they connected Slöjddetaljer OY in Finland, Norway and Denmark. It wasn’t long before their Finland filial had  60% e-invoices.

“Your support has been excellent and has been a great help. You never get the feeling that you’ve asked a silly question. That’s nice when you’re a little bit new to e-invoicing. I’ve also received help very quickly. Whenever I’ve asked a question, I get an answer the same day.”

Slöjddetaljer has also make frequent use of InExchange Web, where they connect new customers. Thanks to the Nordic region’s largest business network, they were able to quickly find their customers on the network.

“I use the InExchange Network a lot. I log on and add new customers and I get a connection very quickly”, says Annelie.

Slöjddetaljer was set up in 1960 by design technology teacher Dan Medin and his wife Margit. They have a turnover of approximately 75 million SEK and house around 40 employees. They have customers throughout Northern Europe and operate in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.