“We wanted to achieve Connect once – Reach all”


Procurator is one of Sweden’s leading wholesale companies, a fast-growing full-service provider for both the private and public sectors. Their market includes the Nordic region and other parts of Europe. Procurator sends approximately 400,000 invoices per year. A quarter of a million of those are currently sent as e-invoices. Before joining InExchange Network, Procurator used a more traditional “one to one”-method for EDI connection with each customer.

– Traditional EDI is extremely time-consuming, says Christoffer Ekelund, IT Manager at Procurator. We met Christoffer and the project manager for e-billing, Daniel Aurell, at their headquarters in Malmö.
– Setting up each client individually costs time and money. For each unique connection, we faced a lot of technical hassle and thus – extra support, continues Christoffer.
The process of setting up each client took a lot of time, and the queue for connecting new customers kept growing.
– It was like a traffic jam. With over a hundred clients in our queue, we started to look for another solution, says Daniel.

Connect Once – Reach all
– Instead of creating one connection per customer, we wanted one connection that could reach everyone.
InExchange was the obvious choice.
– InExchange was the only vendor that matched our client list, which covers all of Northern Europe, confirms Christoffer. We simply wanted to achieve “Connect Once – Reach All”.
– Now our accounts receivable department can connect new customers themselves. It speeds up our processes significantly, says Daniel.
Since Procurator joined InExchange – the number of e-invoices has increased greatly.
– The investment quickly paid off. Since we no longer have to spend time on each individual connection, we’ve eliminated a previous major expense, continues Christoffer.

– One of our favourite things in InExchange Network is the Dashboard, since it shows our progress in real time. It helps us to follow and reach our goals as a company, Daniel adds.
– The overall objective for us was of course to remove all manual work, continues Christoffer.
Not only did Procurator save a lot of time, but the number of e-invoices has grown a great deal.
– We had set goals beforehand, and achieved our first one very quickly. In June 2013, we had 26% e-invoices, six months later, we were up 41%.
– The investment paid off in the first year.

More than just e-invoices
Choosing InExchange was about more than just e-invoices.
– On the whole, there is a very inventive spirit at InExchange. You are innovative and have some great ideas for the future. We want a partner that we can grow with and who wants to grow with us, says Christopher.
Having the e-invoices in place opened many doors for us to streamline our entire workflow.
– Initially, we came to InExchange for our invoices, but now we are expanding our cooperation and looking at several new solutions for us, says Christopher.



Procurator has Sweden’s most extensive range of personal protective equipment, hygiene paper wipes, cleaning, catering, office supplies and packaging.