Large invoice volumes require simple and secure solutions


G4S needed simplified invoicing routines to handle increasing customer volumes. The supplier they had at the time could not meet the company’s demand for a simple comprehensive solution based on a single invoicing format. But when they met InExchange, everything fell into place. With good collaboration and a thorough internal process, everything is up an running. And G4S has already noticed a big difference.

“I can easily add new customers and don’t need to think about the technical solution at all – it simply works.”
Camilla Edenström, heads the accounts receivable department at G4S. G4S is one of the world’s largest security companies and delivers security solutions to both the public sector and businesses, as well as to private individuals the world over.
Continuously increasing invoice volumes, two invoicing systems and many different invoice recipients – businesses, municipalities and private individuals – led to G4S’s decision two years ago to simplify its invoicing once and for all and to acquire a comprehensive solution based on the e-invoice concept.
“Our goal was to have one flow – to be able to send all of our invoices in the same way,” says Camilla.
The flow needed to suit invoicing of both businesses and private individuals in a way that suited the recipients’ needs for different formats.
“A key factor was that InExchange could create e-invoices based on the XML file that our business system, SAP, could produce.”

Simple is often best
The collaboration between G4S and InExchange has been great – it made the process both simple and efficient. And with relatively scant resources, major effects were achieved.
InExchange’s approach is to create scalable solutions that can be used by many, which in turn means lower project and implementation costs. With smoother, smarter and simpler processes, startup time is reduced for each customer.
“The reason why we chose InExchange was because they could explain how it would works without getting into confusing technical details. Simple is often best.”
Camilla adds:
“I just wanted the best solution. Even from the beginning, I had a lot of faith in the expertise at InExchange, and after I contacted one of their references, I had even more.”

Customers in common
Something that made the decision easier to both invest in InExchange and implement it was the fact that many G4S customer were already in the InExchange network.
“The fact that there were already established communications with for example, most of the country’s municipalities, made it much simpler for us,” says Camilla at G4S.

One format for all
The comprehensive solution that G4S uses is based on them sending all of their invoices in one and the same way, while InExchange is responsible for the format being right for each customer. Purely technically speaking, InExchange converts an IDOC XML file from SAP into a standardized e-invoice.
The e-invoice is then converted and delivered in a variety of ways – all depending on the customer’s preferences: as a paper invoice, PDF or e-invoice to both businesses and private individuals.
Handling time has decreased and it is easy to add new customers. G4S has obtained the comprehensive solution they wanted based on e-invoicing.
“We send an average of 24,000 invoices each month. With high volumes, invoicing has to be simple and reliable if we’re to manage it at all,” says Camilla.

G4S is one of the world’s largest employers and is listed on the London Stock Exchange with a secondary listing in Copenhagen. G4S has operations in more than 125 countries and has over 657,000 employees.