“We want to provide the most effective solution.”

Bonnier Solutions AB is the Bonnier Group’s shared Service Center and they handle most of the Nordic region’s financial administration. The company manages accounting and payroll as well as customer and supplier ledgers for Bonnier companies including DI, TV4, Adibris and Expressen in addition to many others.

We are talking to Cecilia Davidsson of Bonnier Solutions, who is in charge of invoice flow to Bonnier companies.
“We have many suppliers from around the world, who all send their invoices to the Bonnier Group companies. We used to scan all these invoices but since lead times drop and quality rises by using e-invoices, we intend to convert to the use of e-invoices wherever possible.” explains Cecilia.  ”The positive impact on the environment is also important to keep in mind.”

“We want to be a role model for the Bonnier Group by providing the most effective solutions. So we examined the market, checked some references and finally the choice fell on InExchange.

“InExchange provides e-invoicing services,” says Cecilia.  ”But what makes the company special is that they’re flexible and don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, they collaborate with their customers to find the best solutions. Working with InExchange feels more like a partnership and that is how we like it,” she continues.

Supplier activation project
In order to boost the volume of incoming e-invoices, Bonnier Solutions conducted a supplier activation project in collaboration with InExchange. In the first stage, the suppliers to the Swedish companies were contacted and informed of the benefits and need for e-invoicing.  “But of course we want all the Nordic companies involved,” explains Cecilia.

The first send-out was in the autumn of 2013, and by July of 2014 more than 2 000 suppliers had registered.
“We reached our first objective very quickly. The supplier activation projects we conducted together with InExchange carried us a long way and, in combination with providing information and canvassing our daily supplier contacts, it had an enormous impact in all the Nordic countries. We took advantage of every opportunity in our communications with suppliers to inform them about e-invoicing,” continues Cecilia.

Reduced lead times
“Before switching to e-invoices we had to wrestle with the problems associated with receiving so many incorrect, incomplete invoices which did not have the proper reference numbers. It took an unnecessarily long time to resolve, mainly in the case of smaller suppliers who did not invoice as often,” said Cecilia.

The problem was solved using InExchange’s reference control which does not release invoices lacking the correct reference number. Now, where reference numbers are wrong, suppliers can simply insert the correct reference numbers right on the InExchange website or in the Invoice printer.

“And once the supplier has had its invoice approved the first time, it will always be correct after that. The greatest benefit for us of course is the time it saves. Administration is reduced and fewer invoices are paid late,” she concludes.

Suppliers the world over
Several international suppliers use the Internet to register invoices and many of them, such as freelancers, appreciate the web service.

“InExchange Web is a simple and easily accessible way to create your own invoices,” explains Cecilia. “And the fact that this service is also available in several Nordic languages is highly positive and makes life easier.”

But it is not just freelancers who use InExchange Web. A number of major motion picture companies on the other side of the Atlantic also rely on this service.

Expanding collaboration
Starting in the spring of 2015, Bonnier Solutions will process outgoing invoice distribution using InExchange. This is an outstanding vote of confidence for InExchange. A great deal is gained through personal contacts.

“I think we have a rewarding collaboration which helps build valuable relationships. No more long discussions; if we have a quick question we get a quick answer, so there will be no more long, drawn out dialogues which waste time,” says Cecilia in summary.

Within Bonnier Solutions, a large part of the Bonnier Group’s expertise in accounting and payroll services is collected. Like other companies in the Bonnier Group, Bonnier Solutions’ company culture is based in the media, publishing and entertainment industry. The company was founded in 2010 and currently employs approximately 130 people in the DN building on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.