Cheaper, safer and better

Receiving e-invoices has countless advantages over processing scanned or paper invoices. Since e-invoices are fully digitalized, all the information on the invoice is validated automatically, so that it’s correct before it’s delivered to you. We ensure that incoming invoices are accurate and contain all the information you need. Error processing is minimized and the process is much smoother and safer.

No matter which system you use, we always look to tailor the service to suit your needs and conditions.

Included in the service


We validate all your invoices against SFTI protocol and apply mathematical checks to all figures.

Reference check

Reference codes on incoming invoices are matched against a list of acceptable references, or to an algorithm of your choice.

Technical support by phone and online

Over the phone, email, live chat and on our online help pages.

App & dashboard

Get real-time statistics in your personal Dashboard, available in both your web browser and the InExchange app.

Global coverage

InExchange is connected to PEPPOL and we have inter-connections with operators around the world, which ensures that everyone can reach you no matter which service they use.

InExchange Web

Invite your smallest suppliers to send up to 100 invoices per year, free of charge, via a web registration.

Supplier activation project

To really boost up your e-invoice volumes we perform a supplier activation project. This means that our dedicated staff contact all of your suppliers. Since e-invoices save them time and money, this is a good way to strengthen your relationship.

Your suppliers that aren’t yet a part of InExchange Network get a letter with information about how to get started. This is then followed up by a phone call where we assist then or answer any questions. Suppliers that already are in the network or are able to send e-invoices receive an email with information about how to connect to you.

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