From strategy to details

By allowing parts of your purchasing function to operate via InExchange Network, you have the tools to make informed purchasing decisions – both tactically and operationally.

InExchange offers e-commerce services for both private and public sectors. Analysis of a company’s purchases allows for the opportunity to streamline e-commerce, as well as traditional purchasing, further. The purpose of this purchase analysis is to gain full control over the purchasing processes, and thereby steer purchases in order to achieve the best result. This can lead to everything from cost savings to resource planning.

InExchange provides you with real time analysis of your purchasing. You can easily extract selected reports and graphs to share with others in your organization. Purchase analysis helps you to make both strategic and tactical decisions for the operational component of your purchasing function.


E-commerce via InExchange Network

The goal of e-commerce is to gain control of the purchasing process.  This, in turn, requires that sooner or later all purchases are performed electronically.

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Real-time spend analysis

InExchange purchase analysis gives you important answers that help you to control your purchases efficiently.  Our real-time analysis means that you always have fresh, up to date information.  This tool provides essential information for both purchasing managers, as well as buyers.  With easy to read graphs, this analysis provides a good basis for communication with both management teams and individual suppliers.

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