From north to south

We started offering solutions for e-invoices in Sweden back in 2008. Today we’ve made it possible for all types of businesses to send e-invoices to our municipalities.

In 2008, we helped the first municipality receive e-invoices. Since then, most of Sweden’s municipalities and county councils have joined our business network, InExchange Network. One of the reasons that we have been successful is that we have focused on the big picture from the beginning. We made sure to develop services that all companies, even the smallest ones, could use to send e-invoices to their municipal customers.

Connecting suppliers with Sweden’s counties and municipalities has helped us to develop our business network of over 280,000 companies – a number that is constantly growing.  With e-invoices as our initial focus, we now offer services that improve everyday life and save the public sector enormous sums of money.  InExchange offers everything from invoicing to e-commerce and purchasing analysis.

Receiving invoices through Inexchange Network

There are many advantages to managing your incoming invoices via InExchange Network.  InExchange offers your suppliers a variety of customized services that make it easy for them to send e-invoices to you.  Many of your suppliers are part of InExchange Network and are already sending e-invoices to their other customers.  We actively contact your suppliers so that you can receive a quick return on your e-invoicing investment.


The number of connected suppliers that can send e-invoices is increasing greatly. This example shows the results of the first supplier activation project for Karlstad municipality in November 2014.

Together we’re building e-invoice Sweden

In 2014, we performed supplier activation projects with 35 Swedish municipalities. Among those were Oskarshamn, Trelleborg, Söderköping, Sundsvall and Kristianstad.

“The supplier activation went extremely smoothly, with a quick and great result!”

Mia Wahlund, Economy and IT developer | Karlstad municipality


E-commerce via InExchange

The goal of e-commerce is to gain control of your own purchasing process.  This, in turn, requires that, sooner or later, all purchases are performed electronically from contracted suppliers.  Therefore, it is important that you can engage in e-commerce with all types of suppliers, large and small.  InExchange offers an array of services – everything from integrated communication flows between you and your supplier, to a website interface where your suppliers can manage your orders.

Spend analysis

InExchange allows you to chart all of your suppliers and gain a full understanding of who buys what from whom, no matter how large your organization is.  This allows you to be loyal to your contracts and make changes where necessary.  InExchange Purchase Analysis gives you real time data, based on your incoming invoices.  By validating the data that we receive from your incoming invoices we can ensure that you receive high quality information about your spending.   The analysis tool is essential for both planning, as well as monitoring.  It gives purchasers and individual buyers a good overview and the ability to manage purchases effectively.

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