Reach all of your customers with InExchange

Looking for smoother, more cost-effective invoicing? More and more companies are looking at fast, efficient and environmentally-friendly alternatives to the old-fashioned paper invoice. With InExchange, you’ll be able to streamline your sales significantly. You can reach all of your clients through Northern Europe’s largest business network.

Optimize your invoices

Thanks to InExchange Postage Optimization, you can provide your invoice in whatever format your customer prefers to receive – whether e-invoice, PDF or paper. InExchange Network grows by thousands of new companies every week. We help you keep your invoicing up to date, and let you know every time one of your customers joins the network!

Get paid on time

When it comes to getting paid faster, sending invoices with InExchange is a cut above the rest. E-invoices are more accurate than scanned paper invoices, because they are delivered directly into your customer’s system. And e-invoices are delivered the same day that they are sent, allowing for speedier processing.

100% added value

All of our services for sending invoices give you access to Reminder and Debt collection in cooperation with our partner Visma Collectors. You can easily manage your reminders directly in your invoice feed.

Complete control

InExchange Dashboard displays graphically visualized, real-time statistics in your browser, or on your tablet or mobile device.

”We get paid much faster now that we send invoices electronically. It makes a huge difference to our cash flow”

Anna-Karin Gustavsson, Swedol

Services for sending invoices

Invoice Printer

InExchange Invoice Printer is the market’s most used invoicing service. It requires no set-up and is suitable for most business software.

Integrated services

One connection in, thousands of invoices out. Integrated services are best-suited for very large invoice volumes.

B2C invoices

We offer B2C-e-invoicing in cooperation with Compello AB, one of Sweden’s leading distributers of e-invoices to private individuals.

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