SoftOne XE users can send and receive electronic invoices directly from their ERP system, now that SoftOne has integrated its cloud-based ERP system, SoftOne XE, with InExchange Network. 

“We want it to be easy for our customers to manage their finances. Integrating with InExchange means that invoices coming in and out of our ERP system do so automatically with no extra steps. And our customers can track their transactions directly through InExchange,” says Håkan Lord, CEO of SoftOne Sweden AB, in a joint press release.

The InExchange business network is growing steadily. In 2015, 126,000 new companies from 32 countries joined the network. Håkan Lord says that having so many active senders and receivers in the network provides good opportunities for SoftOne users to reach out their business partners and simplify the payment process on both ends.  

InExchange is also excited to be able to serve SoftOne XE’s thousands of customers, many of whom are craftspeople and building contractors.

SoftOne is a solid company with many years in the industry. They have always strived to make it easier for their users and InExchange is proud to be one of their partners

SoftOne specializes in business and HR systems and is today the leading supplier in the Nordic region to craftspeople and building contractors. SoftOne’s modular cloud solution SoftOne XE can be used as a complete solution or as separate modules.