Wallenstam AB, with over 370 subsidiaries, is one of the largest real estate companies in Sweden, with residential and business properties in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Helsingborg.

In 2012, a collaboration between Wallenstam and InExchange began, in order to get Wallenstam’s suppliers to send them e-invoices instead of paper invoices. In just a couple of months, more than half of Wallenstam’s incoming invoices are now delivered electronically. This result has been made possible by not only offering suppliers free invoice registration on InExchange Web, but also through a supplier activation project.

“As part of increasing our quantity of electronic invoices, we chose the partner InExchange. Of course, we had set high goals – but the fact that over half of our invoices would be electronic in only half a year is an outcome that exceeded even our expectations.”

The goal is obviously to connect all providers, an ambition that is fully attainable since the e-invoice network is growing and hundreds of companies are joining it every week.