InExchange is growing – at a pace of about 1000 new customers each month. Having that many companies wanting to simplify their invoicing and purchasing routines means a big responsibility. That’s why we constantly strive to improve our operations and become even more useful for the people that are connected to InExchange.

Right now we have done some extraordinary improvements when it comes to the heart and soul of our business – our services and our network.

One good example is that all companies using InExchange Web Bas now can send PDF-invoices without any additional costs. This means that they don’t have to print one single paper invoice, instead they can send all their invoices with InExchange. For free.

The InExchange Web Plus service has been improved as well. From now on, InExchange Print Services and the possibility to send PDF-invoices is included, which means that these customers can send all their invoices with InExchange.

In order to create an enhanced user experience we have made many changes in the design of the interface. These changes include a simplified log in-page and home page, a clarified navigation and a smarter invoice registration. The result is that each connected company will have an increased overview and efficiency, which in turn will lead to bigger savings and better control of the invoicing process.

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