In a recent press release, Visma states that the demand for Internet-based solutions continues to increase, and that growth is several times larger than the growth of locally installed products. The e-invoice segment has a growth rate of over 50%.

– Visma’s R&D focus and acquisition strategies are concentrated on SaaS. We experience an increasing demand for SaaS solutions and we expect to complete several SaaS focused acquisitions during Q1 2014, says Øystein Moan, CEO of Visma.

In 2013, Visma and InExchange deepened their partnership. This involves a collaboration to offer Visma’s customers access to InExchange services.

Since the startup in 2008, InExchange have promoted an open network, where all companies regardless of business software, can easily send and receive e-invoices. Today, more than four hundred different businesses are part of InExchange Network. Visma is, with its 340 000 customers, Northern Europe’s largest ERP vendor. The fact that Visma’s customers now have access to e-invoicing services is, of course, beneficial to everyone in InExchange Network.