Environmental awareness is all around us. Forests are being destroyed, animals endangered and hybrid cars and alternative energy are no longer science fiction, but household names. We’re supposed to recycle, conserve water and buy our milk organic.

So why don’t we?

Well, okay, sure – we do these things to some extent, but why do supermarkets even give us the option to buy either organic or regular milk? And why is there an option to buy Spanish cucumbers when there are locally harvested ones available? And why don’t we recycle everything? We know we’re supposed to.

The answer is simple and probably at the tip of your tongue. Organic products are more expensive. Recycling takes more time.

Because more often than not, choosing the right environmental option comes at a price.
But choosing e-invoices over paper invoices does not. Neither your precious time nor your hard-earned money.

Your paper, your staff as well as the postman’s knees are spared and replaced with a simple click. Immediately you saved a tree, time, money and the frustration of having to do manual labor – when there are more important and more fun things to do. But most importantly – you saved money.

Making the right decision should not be punished – it should be rewarded.

That’s the beauty of e-(co) invoices.