Send both e-invoices and paper invoices directly from your ERP

Manually printing, folding and posting invoices takes a lot of time and leads to unnecessary costs. InExchange Invoice Printer reducing invoicing time considerably.

Reach all your customers with one service

InExchange Postage Opimization is included and helps you to actively reduce your postage costs by giving you cost-saving recommendations.  Thanks to InExchange Network we can identify all of your customers that receive e-invoices.  Everything is set up from the start – you do not need to do specific set-ups for every unique customer.  The software is simple and requires no technical knowledge, consultation or training.

How do I get started?

The download and installation of the software only takes a few minutes.  You create your invoices as usual in your ERP, but instead of selecting your regular printer, you choose InExchange Invoice Printer.  The time it takes to print, fold, place the invoice in the envelope, sort, send, receive and scan is replaced by the simple click of a button.

Included in the service

InExchange Postage optimization

We check to see if your clients can receive e-invoices, PDF, or paper and provide you with cost-saving suggestions.

Reminder & Debt Collection

Get paid on time and have full control with our reminder service!

Support via phone and Internet

No extra charge for support via e-mail, phone, live chat, as well as access to our online help pages.

InExchange Network

Get a business account with several individual users. You are searchable and can look up your customers and suppliers in the network.

InExchange Web

All functionality in InExchange Web is included –
create invoices online. You can manage invoicing wherever you are in the world.

App & Dashboard

You get real-time statistics of your sent invoices, which you can check by logging into InExchange Network or by downloading our app.

Receive invoices free of charge

Reduce paper handling considerably and receive PDF invoices with InExchange Network.

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Frequently asked questions about: Invoice Printer

Can I add attachments to my e-invoices?

You can add attachments to your paper, pdf and e-invoices. If the recipient is an e-invoice recipient they can view your attachment in the form of a picture or a pdf.

I need hard copies of all my sent invoices.

When sending e-invoices with the Invoice Printer, you can always choose to have them sent to your inhouse printer as well.