We ensure that you get one feed for all of your invoices. The invoices are validated and sent to your customers in the format that they wish to receive.

InExchange works actively to reduce the amount of paper that you send, save you administrative costs, as well as positively impacting the environment.  This is accomplished through our Postage Optimization, an automated process in which we suggest the most cost-effective method of delivery for each individual recipient.  InExchange exports the invoices from you according to the agreed upon communication protocols.

The information on the invoice is checked and converted to the format that each customer wants to receive.  When you are connected to InExchange Network, the same connection allows you to send all of your invoices – regardless of which recipient you want to reach.  You supply us with one agreed upon format and can thereafter send invoices to all of your customers regardless of which format they wish to receive – e-invoices, PDF or paper invoices.

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Frequently asked questions about: Integrated services

Can I send any format to InExchange?

Yes, we handle all formats and can adapt to you and your customer’s specific requirements.

Can I send invoices outside of Sweden?

Yes, InExchange has global coverage through roaming agreements with all major operators. We’re connected to PEPPOL and implement country-specific adaptations to meet each country’s specific standards and business rules.