InExchange Web is really easy to use and is ideal if you don’t have an ERP system. You can connect your business, log-in and start creating your invoices in minutes.  Manually printing, folding and posting invoices is replaced with the click of a button and the cost of invoices in more than halved. You get a full overview of all your sent invoices and as well as access to a broad variety of services in InExchange Network.

Included in the service

InExchange Postage Optimization

We check to see if your clients can receive e-invoices, PDF, or paper and provide you with cost-saving suggestions.

Support via mail and internet

No extra charge for support via e-mail, live chat, as well as access to our online help pages.

App & dashboard

You get real-time statistics of your sent invoices, which you can check by logging into InExchange Network or by downloading our app.

Reminder & debt collection

Get paid on time and have full control with our reminder service.

InExchange Network

Get a business account with several individual users. You are searchable and can look up your customers and suppliers in the network.

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