E-commerce for everyone

 Nationwide or locally manufactured? Small or large volumes?

Using e-commerce between the customer and supplier is cost effective and environmentally sound. More and more local and regional authorities now include electronic order management requirements in their contracts with suppliers.
E-commerce is successful only when everyone participates – it should be easy to use for both customers and suppliers. InExchange offers solutions that can handle the entire order flow and the messages associated with them.

Tens of thousands of customers and suppliers already manage their order flow by using InExchange Network. Everything from small, local, private operators to large multinational corporations. Many of Sweden’s local and regional authorities have chosen InExchange for their order processing.


The buyer

As a buyer in InExchange Network, you create your orders like usual in your ordering system and then send them to InExchange for further distribution.  

InExchange delivers the orders directly to your supplier’s business system. If the supplier does not have a system for handling orders directly, they are delivered to the InExchange Supplier Portal.
Suppliers can use the InExchange Supplier Portal to create and send price lists, manage orders, send responses as well as send the order for invoicing.

The supplier

It’s easy to join InExchange Network for order processing.  InExchange adapts to your specific needs and requirements by providing you with the message types that you wish to send and receive. InExchange works with many public sector suppliers, including the medical, food and office supplies sectors.

Why InExchange?

InExchange Network allows you to search for companies to engage in e-commerce with.  

We adapt the format of the various order messages according to both client and suppliers’ preferences, such as Sveorder and CEN/Bll, which are recommended by the SFTI.
As a client, you can reach all of your suppliers, regardless of company size or technical conditions.

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