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Correct invoices make for both happier colleagues and happier suppliers

Are you tired of the time-consuming task of processing supplier invoices? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to automate! Scanning paper invoices is a tedious and expensive process. Many people experience frustration as a result of misinterpreted scanned invoices and missing paper invoices.

Transitioning to e-invoicing is not only a time-saver, but also a very profitable decision. The invoices are correct from the start, thus eliminating costly processing errors. The invoices get paid on time and you avoid any late payment charges.

The graph shows a comparison of the estimated time for processing paper invoices vs. e-invoices. A paper invoice must either be typed manually into the computer, or scanned. Because less than half of all scanned invoices are interpreted flawlessly, the manual processing of these invoices is extensive.

Source, Koch, Billentis report and OECD

Connect once – Reach All

InExchange Network is growing at an extremely rapid pace, with thousands of new businesses joining every week.  This means that most of your suppliers are probably already in the network.  Want to know how many can already send e-invoices to you?  Contact us and we’ll match your supplier list against the network.

100% E-invoicing

As an invoice recipient in the network, InExchange offers you a supplier activation project.  We contact the suppliers that don’t send e-invoices to you and offer them simple invoicing services to help them get started.
We have, over the years, performed over 500 supplier activation projects – all with successful results.  It is not uncommon that these projects generate an increase in incoming invoices by several hundred percent.


Receive invoices in InExchange Network

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”The reference check reduces our job of processing incorrect references. Now, invoices enter the system more quickly and can be managed for approval and payment. ”

Christer Björkman, IT project manager at Vasakronan



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Cecilia Davidsson

Accounts Payable Manager – Bonnier Solutions AB


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Christer Björkman

IT Project manager – Vasakronan

“I just wanted the best solution"

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Camilla Edenström

Accounts receivable – G4S